Fun mysteries told from the cat's point of view

If you love animals, good friends, and a fun mystery then you are in the right place. Welcome to the home of Chris Abernathy, author of the Detective Whiskers Cozy Mystery Series. Each of the books here features a murder mystery, friends enjoying time together, and animals working together to keep the humans safe. You won't find any cursing or vivid descriptions of sex and violence. I recommend starting at the beginning with Paw & Order then working your way through the series as Whiskers and his human companion, Sheila, start a new life in the perfect beach town and begin the process of creating the lives they want for themselves. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

Growing up in a home that resembled a library, with overflowing bookshelves in every room, Chris has always been surrounded by books. He started writing his first at the age of eleven before becoming distracted by other forms of storytelling.

Throughout a 35 year career as a radio and television personality, Chris was honored more than a dozen times by the Alabama Broadcasters Association with awards for best radio personality, morning show, radio station, public service and more.

Chris’s entry to the world of professional publishing came as an audiobook narrator and he has been recognized for this work by the Independent Audiobook Awards as a finalist for Best Male Narration in 2019 and Best Thriller/Suspense in 2020 and also by the One Voice Awards as a finalist for the best non-fiction performance in 2021.

Working closely with authors and publishers as a narrator revived the dream of writing his own books and now Chris is making that dream a reality. His debut book was a short travel guide for St. George Island, a Florida Gulf Coast destination he loves to visit with his wife, Alice and their two boys. Moving into fiction, his first release in the Detective Whiskers Cat Cozy Mystery Series was ranked as the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Amateur Sleuth category and the series continues to be well received by readers everywhere.

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Paw and Order, the first book in the Detective Whiskers Cat Cozy Mystery Series is dedicated to Binky, a feline hero in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can read all about Binky's heroism here.

CSI: Cat Sleuth Investigation, book two in the series, is dedicated to Jack who protected his family from a bear. Read about his story here.

Miami Mice shines a spotlight on a cat named Tommy who was actually taught to dial 911 - and did so when his human needed help. His story is here.

In Purrder, She Wrote we find out about an unnamed cat who led police to a fugitive simply by staring at the criminal. Read more here.

Mission Impawsible is dedicated to PC Peach, a cat who is officially employed by the police department in London. Most cats on the force serve exclusively as ‘mousers’ keeping mice away from the offices where the human police do their work (and maybe allowing a few to hang around like Roddy - who knows?). But one cat, named PC Peach, was out with their handler when they spotted a suspect who had been hiding from police. PC Peach took off and cornered the criminal in an alley, giving the two-legged officers time to catch up and arrest them.

Detective Whiskers isn't the only cat with a badge on his collar. Captain is an orange and white cat who serves as an official member of the force at the Port Lavaca Police Department in Port Lavaca, Texas. You can see a video about Captain here.